A regional excellence certification label
Friday 5 April, Valérie Moulin, Chairwoman of Ustica, presented Le Grand Complet to the journalists who came to Normandy to discover the greatest events of the region. Organized by the Horse Council of Normandy at the instigation of its Chairwoman Laurence Meunier, this press conference allowed to show part of the main attractive featues of the Norman equestrian events. The day started at 10h00 at the Deauville La Touques race track where journalists watched the work of the flat race trainers. The group then visited the International Equestrian Complex of Deauville under the guidance of its CEO, Antoine Sinniger. After the visit, some show organizers introduced their events including Le Grand Complet. The afternoon was devoted to the visit of the CIRALE and to trotters with the famous horse Ready Cash. This has been a very interesting and productive day which launched in the best way the new season.