The origins of Ustica
But where does the name Ustica come from ? Originally, it is the name of one of the best mares of the Le Goupil family, founder of the Grand Complet, and on which the four children (Jean, Pierre, André-Jacques and Guillaume) wore out their riding pants. In memory of this force of nature, the association organising the event bears her name. Ustica was long chaired by André Le Goupil, famous patriarch, French Eventing Champion in 1961, member of the French eventing team at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics (he finished 11th on Olivette) after being a substitute at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and founder of the Le Goupil stables in Martinvast (near Cherbourg, north of Normandy).
When the Grand Complet moved to the Haras du Pin in 2010, André passed the hand to Valérie Moulin. Volunteer since the creation of the event, this Norman woman, who is equine and canine osteopath now presides over the destiny of Ustica. With the support of a dozen very active members, she puts all her energy into organizing what is now the largest international competition in the world in terms of competitors (statistics for 2018).