Practical Info
Getting here

Le Grand Complet takes place on the site of the Haras national du Pin (61310 Le Pin-au-Haras, Normandy, France), mainly in the Parc du Haut Bois located below the castle. The entrance to the visitors’ car park is along the road D926 (just past the D26 on your right). The entry of participants, officials, volunteers, exhibitors and partners is via the D26 (bring your pass or proof). PARKING IS FREE.

Plan d'accès Haras national du Pin
Coming to Le Grand Complet
The Haras national du Pin is located on the D926 180km from Paris, 40km north of Alençon, 15km east of Argentan and 20km from the A28 motorway exit (No.16 Gacé-Exmes).

By car

From the A88 take the D16: Médavy, Almenêches, then continue on the D26: La Cochère, Le Pin au Haras.
From the A13 motorway from Paris or Caen then take A28,exit Mortagne au Perche / Sées then towards Lisieux-Rouen-Le Havre Chailloué to Nonant Le Pin and towards Le Pin-au-Haras.

By train

Argentan or Surdon station (Paris-Granville line) respectively at 25km and 5km from the show, or TGV station in Le Mans (100km and then rental car).
Ticket office

The entrance is FREE on August 12th, 13th and 14th (parking also).

For other days, you can buy your tickets in advance at our electronic ticket office at the same rate as on-site. The advantage: no queue! On-site, tickets are purchased at the ticket counter (parking is FREE and you access the counter on foot from it via the stud gardens).

Our friends the dogs

Dogs are tolerated ONLY ON LEASH for obvious safety reasons. Any dog found in the wild by the organizing team will be captured and locked in a box in the shade and with water while waiting to find its owner. In the event of an incident or accident caused by a dog, only its owner will be held responsible.

CANICROSS: Dogs are welcome, especially during the Canicross, a cross-country master/dog event held in parallel with the competition (more info HERE).