The Australian couldn't believe his ears
First and fourth? Oh, really? Oh, thank you! No but my French is simply non-existent so I did not grasp everything …” (laughs). Thus began the interview of the Australian Chris Burton winner of this CCI1* presentend by Ustica and CA2 Restaurant. The team bronze medallist in Rio has that little tongue-in-cheek side that always delights his fans. “Lawtown Girl belongs to my fabulous owners Carolyn Townsend and Sue Lawson who bought it for me. We have always enjoyed it. It is a mixture of French blood and Anglo-Arabic, it has a lot of blood. She has a lot of qualities on all three tests. I’m happy to win here“. Chris Burton didn’t just win the class as he also finished 4th with Caliber Royale. “He gave me satisfaction allweekend,” he says. “Unfortunately he made some mistakes in dressage, whereas he is usually very good.“Faithful to Le Grand Complet for many years, Chris Burton likes to come back galloping on the Norman track.”This event is growing in popularity and we know why: because cross country is fantastic, it’s a beautiful eventing course. Pierre Le Goupil is one of the best course designers. It was a perfect prep lap before the World Equestrian Games.”
The French still managed to get on the podium, starting with the Olympic Mathieu Lemoine riding Balturo Fromecs (2nd). Christopher Six and Totem de Brecey are in 3rd place.
Final ranking: CLICK HERE.